Hi, I'm Sara!

I’m Sara, an instructional designer by day, creative by night, and a mother (you guessed it), day and night! I’m on a journey to educate and inspire. For a long time, I had thought that I had to just be one thing. With time, I learned that I’m not just ONE thing, and I bet that neither are you!


This blog is for you if you also wear multiple hats, and topics like education, identity, health, and travel, pique your interest. From practical tips to personal anecdotes, my hope is to inspire and empower you with knowledge, creativity, and a dash of sweetness.


Join me on this journey of exploration and empowerment to continue imperfectly leading others and sharing the joys of juggling #allthethings while indulging in a scrumptious slice of (carrot) cake accompanied by a piping hot cup of coffee.



The SK Blog

On Instructional Design

A brief overview on how I transitioned from teaching to Instructional Design and Online Learning

Jumpstart Your ID Career in 14 Days

Three things I learned while going through IDOL's #DoItMessy challenge.


A short description.


A short description.

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